0x2A762 | Bacchus’ Empty Comet

Datapedia ID: 0x2A762

Bacchus was a mysterious and charming woman who crash-landed on pre-treaty Ardune inside a small comet. Starting out as an “invading enemy of the state”, Bacchus was able to quickly disarm concerns, constantly repeating that she had absolutely no recollection of who she was before the crash or why she had come. She said that she simply taken the name “Bacchus” from a book of myths and legends that she had with her inside the comet. Mistrust quickly turned to trust and Bacchus became something of a socialite on Ardune, integrating into social networks with ease.

Long after the public forgot about Bacchus and her comet, an independent journalist re-examined the comet and deduced that it had travelled far throughout The Weave, and that it was designed, not organic. The investigation revealed that the comet itself was actually a makeshift room that Bacchus must have lived comfortably in as it travelled. The one key factor that didn’t make sense is that this journey would have taken an estimated couple hundred years.

The journalist found a data chip in the comet dust, uncovered by decades of wind and soil movement. It took weeks to repair and decrypt, but when finally accessible, he discovered diary entries, poetry, art, and music created over 213 years. One of the key themes: to find humans to connect with.

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