0x2A75F | Red Moon Quarry

Datapedia ID: 0x2A75F

The Red Moon Quarry is one of many goliath quarries sprawled across and under the surface of Ardune. The deep red hue comes from the variant of copper ore that is found exclusively on the planet. Ardune’s moons are actually closer to white than red, but the light reflecting off the planet gives them a red tinge, especially beautiful and aura-like in the night sky.

Unfortunately the history of the crimson planet is less beautiful. Ardune was colonised and mines built through force a thousand years ago by the militant sect from Hermus, following their goddess, Iress. Devastatingly, the Indigenous populations were enslaved to work the new mines, and almost none survived. The only remaining descendants are those both of Hermusian and Indigenous Ardunian ancestry. Identifying strongly with the latter, a number of these descendants became key leaders in the fight back against Iressanist Militarism.

After centuries of these non-violent rebellions, the original form of the religion dwindled and transformed into Neo-Iressanism, with a new pacifist focus on balancing industry with a spiritual respect of lands. This transformation lay the groundwork for the Hermus treaty, which is now practiced across The Weave.

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