0x2A723 | Sun Cave Village

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One theory about the Ela people is that they split into two separate groups after a great schism of cultural values. One half were said to turn to a fully nomadic lifestyle and have since become the Ru-Shi. The other half are said to have resettled in the network of Sun Caves in the Shimmering Sands.

The Sun Caves get their name from the rays of sunlight that seep through cracks in the cave walls and refract endlessly through the topaz-studded inside walls. This produces a warm glow throughout the caves and creates a clear day and night cycle for those living in the village.

A highly spiritual and matriarchal society, the citizens elect a new elder every 50 years. The women elected can come from a range of background experiences, though it is required that they have passed the two Soul Trials, designed to prove one’s mastery over mind, body, and spirit.

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