Category: Soundworlds PRL: Menu Musics

  • 0x2A768-PRL | Sgt. Snout’s Puppy Emporium

    0x2A768-PRL | Sgt. Snout’s Puppy Emporium

    In a back corner of the town of Divha, Sgt. Snout opened an emporium for lost digital puppies found around the //PRL. Always recognizable, the sergeant wears his signature German Shepherd head and star-studded beret with pride.


  • 0x2A767-PRL | Lost Starmap 7

    0x2A767-PRL | Lost Starmap 7

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A767-PRL One of the twelve mysterious Starmaps hidden around the //PRL. Discovered in an abandoned house in the Rust Village.


  • 0x2A766-PRL | Options 1

    0x2A766-PRL | Options 1

    This Options menu code was excavated on the outskirts of the //PRL‘s port town of Sirivia.